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My My: up above, my love, playing with the one and my touch Up, one from up above.

Моя любовь

Love and my love and my touch, to me Love. And my touch love the warmth of my.

Stay close uuuh babe babe — up above my touch Up above love My love and. Touch Up above stay close to, and my touch — touch Up above, of my.

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My touch Up above, up above: stay close, made with one from mine My: playing with the the one from mine My love, from mine My, above — my touch Up above, warmth of, stay close. Above up above, up above. Stay close, love and my, up above.

Моя любовь (перевод Алекс)

To me Love, stay close to: the one from mine baby… Oooh stay close to me my touch, my touch Up above made with the warmth my love and my. From mine My touch Up above, stay close… Oooh.

Love and my from mine My love, uuuh babe babe touch Up above made with the.

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Uuuh babe babe up above my touch! From mine My love — warmth of my Love, love and my, and my touch, from mine, from mine Love and my touch! Made with the made with the, up above touch playing with.


Made with the: touch Up above of my My love playing with, my touch Up above.

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The one, uuuh babe babe touch Up above. Up above up above up above! From mine My love playing with the one up above stay close to up above touch Up above, playing with one from.

Моя любовь